Qualsys Solutions provides technical, process, and managerial help specific to your project. Our focus is to help you maximize the value of your project to its stakeholders.

We treat consulting, in part, as on-the-job training where we work with you on your product to help ensure your project's success. New Scrum teams typically need expert consulting to help them get up to speed on the basic skills they will be using. As a team gains experience with the basic agile skills, they switch from needing a consultant to needing a mentor or coach.

QualSys Solutions has substantial experience in consulting on both large strategic and small pilot projects. Our portfolio includes:

A large aerospace project

Several large scale, international, multi-site, telephone switching projects

Several financial projects

Numerous proof of concept projects that pilot new processes or technologies

Our typical engagement in these projects starts with one to two weeks of full time consulting during the project start-up phase followed by a couple of days of consulting every one to three weeks.

We also provide up-front training for the managers, software engineers, analysts, and test staff on projects for which we consult.

In addition to our expertise at the project level, we have helped numerous organizations manage a corporate transition to modern iterative/incremental processes. In addition to scaling issues and portfolio management, we can help you transform your Project Management Office into an Agile PMO.

Dr. Korson has co-authored a book on Object Technology Centers of Excellence that you may find useful as you transition from legacy techniques to modern software engineering practices.