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How can a tester cope with a fast paced incremental, agile, delivery cycle

Testers thrown into an agile project often wonder how they can keep up with the fast paced incremental delivery cycle inherent in agile projects. As long as testers treat an agile process as a series of small waterfalls, they are likely fail. This presentation shows how to properly integrate the test process into an agile development process.

The attendee will learn:

The negative consequences of treating the agile process as a series of small waterfalls
How to properly integrate the test process into an agile development process
When to plan, design, and execute test cases in an agile environment

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Driving an agile peg in a CMMI hole

Many agile development teams are forced to operate within an organization that has many policies and procedures that are derived from a CMMI , process heavy, mindset. This presentation focuses on how an agile team can survive in this context.

The attendee will learn:

How to use the barely sufficient concept
How to pick your battles
How agile teams can effectively collaborate with the PMO, the Process Definition Group, the QA department, and other groups within a large software development organization - and still stay agile.

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Workflows are not Phases

Everyone knows that to build software involves analysis, design, implementation, and testing. For years we called these the phases in the software development lifecycle. With the introduction of modern iterative/incremental software processes we have come to realize that there are no longer phases, but rather workflows. Phases now have titles such as inception, elaboration, construction, transition; or increment 1, increment 2, increment 3. The presentation will examine the difference between a phase and a workflow from the perspective of a modern iterative/incremental software engineering process.

The attendee will learn

The difference between a phase and a workflow
How iterative/incremental development works
Why we don't want to think of, or refer to, design as a phase anymore.

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